Plastic Surgery Advantages

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The benefits of Plastic Surgery.
In the past, plastic surgery was unacceptable in Thai society. Plastic surgery just treats patients due to physical deformity such as cleft lip and cleft palate etc. On the contrary, in the present, plastic surgery is very acceptable in Thai society. It can help to enhance features for aesthetic point of view. Most of people in Thailand extremely interest in plastic surgery because plastic surgery can enhance their body. Moreover, Katie Duzan (2007) added that “Plastic surgery is the enhancement of the body through surgical procedures. Plastic surgery can also be a restorative procedure, returning the body to its original state after an accident, injury or other events.” There are so many reasons why most people
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For example, infection, numbness, tissue death or bruising in the area etc. This is a very small part due to the plastic surgery. You should surgery with medical experts. Thus, some people afraid and loathe about plastic surgery. In fact, the plastic surgery is not bad. On the other hand, the plastic surgery to create good things comes to those who decide surgery. Daniel Becker (2005) concluded that “Plastic surgeons strive to improve patients' appearance, self-image, and confidence through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.” We just have to choose surgery with medical professionals to the outcome is good. In addition, most of people believe that plastic surgery can improve your appearance. They want to look younger and others might just want to change some features that they have never liked about themselves. They want to look good. They are dissatisfied with their appearance so they decide to surgery. Of course, the plastic surgery can make them look better. Further, it can enhance features to look good. For instance, Chin Augmentation, Breast Augmentation or Rhinoplasty etc. These things can make you look beautiful. If you have bad face or shape, these things make you feel worse. Whenever you have look …show more content…
I cannot deny that the plastic surgery is very costly. If you is not enough money, you cannot do it. Someone think that it is a waste of money that unnecessary. In contrast, most people believe that it is not waste. The researcher(2014) says that “when surgery improves their appearance but some cosmetic surgery websites claim that a customer’s improved looks and the greater self-esteem this creates, improve their life and career opportunities, and it is true that research shows that, all other skills being equal, good-looking people are more successful in job interviews and get more promotions.”Although the plastic surgery is very expensive, it is a worthwhile investment because when you look good, you have a good chance. You will get a good chance for some job that high income. Most people think that consider a prettier face would bring them a better life.For example, actor, actress, master of ceremony (MC), model, and net idol etc. These careers are very high income. Liz Wolgemuth support that when you look beautiful, you can make more money and have more occasion for promotion. ( 2008 ) Furthermore, most people good life from these careers because they have got a lot of money. They can take care of their parents. They buy houses and car that expensive. If you surgery appearance some features that improve until you look good. You have well-paid job. Reshmi Nair, she explains that “the beauty industry is very

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