Plagiarism, By Jeff Karon Essay

1015 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
It is often so easy, when we hear that funny witticism from someone or see that hilarious celebrity meme, to later turn around and tell our friends to evidence how clever we are or move our fingers the extra inch and screen shot the small whimsy to share. While this in itself is no crime, little do we know the extent of our actions. We do not consider the time spent writing the pun nor the thought put into the photo. There is nothing to stall us, no claim, so we copy and carry on not knowing we are drowning the original creator into the depths of ‘Unknown’. Yet very few complain, because very few had pride for the work to begin with.

Plagiarism has recently become a popular topic of debate, due to the exponentially expanding medias, and an article from The Chronicle written by Jeff Karon informs that “plagiarism, as well as academic dishonesty in general, has increased over the past few years, decades, or century”(1). Many fingers seem to point directly to technology, such as laptops, cell phones, and other ‘smart’ devices, as the main cause (Gabriel 3). Some may point back and argue that such an opinion is a result of chronological snobbery of the elder generation (Karon 1). And it is here ducking between these two feuding orators that many of us find ourselves today, somewhere in the war between the Seniors vs the Millennials. I myself a ‘millennial’, hope to be able to shine some light into the cavern growing between the generations, and offer a new perspective on the…

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