Plagiarism And Its Perception On What Decision Making And Plagiarism Meant.

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It minds blowing on the different perception on what decision making and plagiarism meant. It is so much more to it than what was previously taught in a school. In school, it was taught that decision making is what you make of it. If there were a problem and the answer was to come up with a solution. Is wasn’t a right way or a wrong way to come to an important decision. However, at the college and graduate school level, it more perception to it. The concept of those two is much elaborated. At the college level, it is explained that there is a process in which a person goes through to come to a decision. As many would say the mind is a complex thing, especially when it comes to making a decision. Also, the concept of plagiarism is explaining in details. Plagiarism is no longer just copy and paste but more in-dept. Plagiarism is defined as the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Plagiarism is a concept that anyone who has any schooling will know about. It was explained to students, that if anyone was caught plagiarizing that it would be weighty consequences. Students can be suspended or expelled and receive a failing grade. Now, the explanation for plagiarism has a little more meaning to it. That along should have scared off students, however, some did not take the warning.
As stated before, one would become familiar with plagiarism in middle school, when a teacher assigns a student to write a paper. Mostly at that time it…

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