Placenta Previa Research Paper

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Placenta Previa
Monica Cooks
Virginia College Jacksonville
November 16, 2014

Placenta Previa
When a woman finds out she is pregnant, it is probably the most exciting news of the year. It is a treasurable moment and cherished for the rest of her life. The news of a wanted pregnancy spreads from family to peers like wildfire, and the joy is overwhelming. As a potential mother, the anticipation and excitement build as a woman 's body goes through physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes endured to prepare for the baby. The horror of finding out something is wrong is devastating
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If the embryo imbeds itself in the lower portion of the uterus, the placenta might develop over the cervix, causing placenta previa (Placenta Previa, 2014). The Mayo clinic emphasizes that most medical staff detect cases of placenta previa during the second-trimester ultrasound examination (Placenta Previa, 2014). If the placenta almost reaches the cervix, expansion of the uterus causes the placenta to elevate opposite from the cervix; which will resolve the situation. On the other hand, if the placenta crosses the cervix, it is unlikely to resolve with time (Placenta Previa, 2014). Through experience, it has been perceived that if placenta previa exists later in the pregnancy, the higher probability it presumes at the time of …show more content…
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