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Pizza USA: Making Us Your Number One Delivery Service
I love pizza, and Pizza USA makes some of the best pizza and breadsticks I have ever tasted. There is one drawback to doing business with Pizza USA, and that is the fact that the company offers no delivery service. My family and I would probably order from Pizza USA twice a week, if not more, if we could have our order delivered to our front door. We have started ordering our pizza from other companies just for the convenience of having it delivered to us. The convenience of having a hot, fresh, delicious pizza delivered to my front door is almost too good of situation to pass up. In order for me to consider doing business with Pizza USA on a regular basis the new delivery service has to
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Possibly offer something in the realm of having nine pizzas delivered within a certain time frame, get the tenth pizza free. Another incentive, along the same lines, could be a free order of wings for a customer’s tenth delivery order. Lastly, and very important is getting the order correct. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to order a pizza, wait for the pizza, open the box and have the wrong pizza. Even if you can catch the delivery person, more than likely he will not have the correct pizza in the delivery car with him. At that point you have lost my business completely for a while at least. Mistakes happen to everyone, but if Pizza USA can figure out a way to make sure the order is correct before delivery combined with everything else I have listed here, then I can assure you that they would have my business and I would remain a loyal customer for many years to …show more content…
Before we make the big leap though, we must figure out a way to keep the pizza hot until delivery is complete. The problem that we encounter when delivering pizzas is that as soon as we take it out of the oven, it is piping hot, but by the time it gets to its destination, it is lukewarm and a little soggy. We need to figure out a way to deliver pizzas with their form, heat, and chemical composition intact, meaning we need to deliver a hot pizza that still looks like a pizza. Since we are just starting with this delivery service, we cannot spend a ton of money on the Domino Delivery Expert vehicle to keep our product hot. We must rely on an alternative method for delivering piping hot pizza in the same condition as when it left the restaurant. Starting out, we will us RediHEAT thermal pizza bags. These thermal bags have a patented electronic heating system, and will keep our pizza hot for up to 45 minutes (USWebProducts, 2014). Not only will our pizzas arrive hot, they will remain crispy and intact. The heated bags will be able to hold up to three pizzas meaning that a driver can deliver to multiple houses in the same area in one trip. The thermal bags will undergo a test run before we invest in multiple

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