Pitbull Research Paper

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Todays’ society has led to the demise of the original reputation of the Pit bull. False allegations and intentional implantation of fear has contributed to the degradation of this breed. For the past several years, the Pit bull has had their reputation demolished due to false assumptions. However, the Pit bull was not always an object of discrimination. Within the last decade, society’s view of this beloved breed has degenerated. Quite often, the Pit bull is no longer looked upon as a loyal companion. Instead, it is often portrayed as an unpredictable, bloodthirsty monster. People, through ignorance and fear, have allowed the results of irresponsible ownership to camouflage the innocent dogs that make up a majority of this breed. …show more content…
For several generations the human population has been raised to fear these dogs due to false accusations assuming they are true. These accusations are based on myths, society fears the reality these myths extrapolate. Pit bulls are said to be one of the strongest dog known to mankind. Many people allow the Pit bulls ' stocky structure to intimidate them. People feel that along with their sturdy structure comes an aggressive behavior and other undesierable traits nonexistent in other breeds. Many people are uneducated on the Pit bull. Instead of taking time to educate themselves, they allow their imaginative fear to override their decision with choosing this breed. An example of a myth pertaining to the Pit bull is, “Pit bulls do not feel pain”(Greenwood) Since they were bred to be strong and hardworking, Pit bulls are able tolerate or ignore discomfort and pain in order to pursue their tasks and satisfy their masters. Coincidentally, their high tolerance for pain is one reason they earned the title “Nanny Dog.” Unlike other breeds, Pit bulls were able to endure the rough play from children, without resorting to offensive behavior. This allowed the parents to continue work in the fields without the fear that their dogs would attack. Another example is the long-held belief that the Pit bull has a greater amount of bite per square inch than any other breed. When tested, the Pit bull ranked number three when compared to a German Shepard and Rottweiler (Greenwood). Perhaps, the most common misconception is the belief that Pit bulls have a locking jaw. Experts have proven that the jaws of a Pit bull function identically to that of any other breed of dog (“The Real Pit bull”). When analyzing the multiple myths that are associated with Pit bulls, it is understandable why people would fear this breed of dog. These myths

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