Essay Pillow Angel Ashley

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Pillow Angel Ashley
Michelle R. Porotesano
Bryant & Stratton College
MAAT111: Intro to Health Care
Professor Smulsky
June 9, 2012

Many parents would do anything for their children. But how far would some parents go just to benefit them in caring for their own child? In the Pillow Angel Ashley case the parents were ethically wrong in requesting her reproductive organs be removed. It was not only medically unnecessary, it was also against the law, and it was all done for the benefit of the parents. A team of physicians aided Ashley’s parents in the process of doing all of her procedures. Their roles in this controversy were as enablers. The parents felt that because Ashley had brain damage they needed to stop her growth and
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When it comes to confidentiality it should not be taken lightly. With medical relationships between the doctor and the patient it should always be valued as confidential. Confidentiality was designed to protect patients from social judgment and rumors. The Declaration of Geneva oath states “ I will respect the secrets which are confided in me, even after the patient has died.” (¶3 UIC) So why was Ashley’s case not treated as such? Ashley’s case became public after a doctor published her case in a medical journal. Physicians who work with children are told to uphold this oath unless the child shows signs of child abuse. They should explain more to the child as well as the parents that not everything will be kept confidential. There have been some issues with using patient information being used for teaching and publication. “No one has the legal or ethical authority to consent to publication for imcompetent adults” (Draper, 2005, p. 116) There is no official obligations for receiving consent for the patients information in a unpublished teaching materials. (Draper, 2005, p. 116) So what does that say about Ashley if she cannot give consent? The parents can give consent but with the drastic procedure that was done, how do we know if they were thinking of Ashley’s

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