Pilates Is An Exercise Method Essay example

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Pilates is an exercise method that focuses on creating a fusion of the mind and body. This method of exercising is quickly becoming very popular for women all over the world thanks to its countless health benefits. But the real question is if it can be substituted in the place of a more traditional weight loss routine. The answer is yes! Pilates on its own is already a very efficient way for you to lose weight. When you perform your Pilates workout, you 're naturally distributing more oxygen to the blood cells in your body. This helps tone the muscles in your body while burning the fat around these muscles, giving you a lean, fit, head-turning body. When your blood receives more oxygen, your tissue repairs itself faster and you 'll notice a considerable decrease in your level of fatigue. These are two major factors in a weight loss regimen and will ensure that you burn the fat and keep it off. But, if you still have concerns, you can tweak your Pilates workout in several ways to vamp up the fat burning. If you carefully focus on breathing and concentration, you 'll be able to complete your Pilates exercises at a faster pace and with more enthusiasm; this accelerated rate will increase your metabolism (and fat burning) for longer periods of time. Also, you can reduce the resistance if you 're using such equipment during your Pilates workouts. This decrease will actually strengthen your core muscles and improve endurance, which in turn, will also help you lose weight by…

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