Piaget 's Comprehensive Cognitive Theory Essay

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According to Piaget’s comprehensive cognitive theory, children are born with a basic mental structure and the ability to adapt to their surrounding because of their natural reflexes. Because of Piaget, our understanding of children has changed drastically. Schema is what he came to believe are the patterns and ways we think in a certain situation. The more a child can learn the more schema they will have to help them in the future. He was able to break up cognitive growth into stages. What helps children reach a new stage is a stable balance also known as equilibrium. Piaget learned that kids being able to assimilate and accommodate results in them being in equilibrium. Assimilation happens when a child has new schema about an object or situation. Accommodation occurs when the old schema is not needed or is wrong in a situation and needs to be changed. Piaget’s 4 universal stages include sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. There are also substages to the sensorimotor stage which are reflex schemas(1 month), primary circular reactions(1-4 months), secondary circular reactions(4-8 months), coordinate secondary circular reactions(8-12 months), tertiary circular reactions(12-18 months), beginning of symbolic representation(18-24 months).
The first stage, Sensorimotor is approximately birth to 2 yrs, the key feature is object permanence. Object permanence is when an object is hidden but the child knows that the object still exists. By…

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