Essay about Physician Assisted Suicide Is Inevitable

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Physician Assisted Suicide Death is unavoidable, while many people die in different environments and for many different reasons (Bauchner & Fontanarosa, 2016, pp. 270-271). In 2014, roughly 55 million people died around the world, of those 2.6 million died in the United States (Bauchner & Fontanarosa, 2016, pp. 270-271).That is why physician assisted suicide is gaining traction by empowering patients to take control of the decision to end their life. This is a practice by which a competent adult with a terminal illness may ask an attending physician to write them a prescription for medications meant to accelerate death (Cain, 2016, pp. 2-7). An illness that, within six months, is expected to be fatal is known as a terminal illness (Cain, 2016, pp. 2-7). A competent adult is a qualified patient who is hurting from a terminal illness or disease (Washington State Department of Health, 2016). Physician assisted suicide, PAS, can also go by AID, or aid in dying (Bauchner & Fontanarosa, 2016, pp. 270-271). Euthanasia is often confused with physician assisted suicide, but they are two completely different procedures. Euthanasia is when a doctor injects a lethal dose of medication into a patient, and is illegal in every state in the United States (Oregon Public Health Authority, 2016). Currently, physician assisted suicide is legal in five different states; Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana, and California.
The law states specific checks and balances to ensure that the…

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