Physician Assisted Suicide Is Becoming A Common Decision Essay examples

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Do people choose to live because they have a good life, their needs are met, or they are satisfied and content. The question about what is a good life is altered due a controversial topic in the medical field, physician-assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is becoming a common decision and argument among multiple professionals in the medical field. Physician-assisted suicide is a strong controversial topic in the medical field amongst educated professional doctors, nurses, and medical teams, some doctors provide this procedure due to the patients physical and mental state, but some do not believe in performing the procedure because of religious views and the unethical standpoint, and personally I stand with the doctors who choose not to perform physician-assisted suicide. Background knowledge and understanding the procedure is essential when taking into consideration the circumstances of this intense procedure. In the United States physician-assisted suicide is legal in five states, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, California, and Montana. Montana is only allowed via the court decision (Physician-Assisted). In March of 1998, the first legal physician-assisted suicide was performed on Oregon when a terminally ill woman with breast cancer decided to end her life with medical assistance (Taking Life Away). From this moment, the heated debate about assisted suicide would gradually increase high tensions. This is allowed due to the patient’s terminal illness as well as a…

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