Physician Assisted Suicide And The Death Of A Fellow Human Being

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Physician Assisted Suicide
Murder is considered to be one of the most unforgivable and horrific crimes that a person could commit, but is physician assisted suicide murder? It involves taking the life of a fellow human being, but it is performed out of human compassion and it is agreed upon by the patient and fellow physicians. Countries where the practice is illegal consider this as murder, where countries where physician assisted suicide is legal consider it as an act of compassion, empathy, and as putting someone out of their misery. Physician Assisted Suicide is a very controversial issue as is every issue that involves the death of a fellow human being. Every day our bodies do everything it can to avoid death, from keeping our bodies at the perfect temperature to warning us of dangers. As a healthy individual it’s hard to understand why someone would ever want to die, but people tortured by chronic pain and suffering due to a terminal illness, simply waiting for death, understand the relief that death would bring to them. Assisted suicide should be legalized and regulated within all developed countries. With the Declaration of Geneva, and appointed substitute decision makers it can be argued that modern medicine is moving towards further acceptance that not all lives can be saved. Physician assisted suicide provides patients with terminal illnesses to be relieved of their suffering and it allows them to leave this Earth with dignity and peace. The legalization and…

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