Physical Therapy, Sports Psychology, Motor Behavior, Biomechanics, And Athletic Training And Sports Medicine

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The purpose of this career is to focus on the study of human movement from eight different aspects; developmental, historical, mechanical, motor control, pathological, physiological, psychological, and psychosocial. Within this career one must know every single thing about the human body. There are several factors that this career highlights such as, exercise physiology, sport nutrition, sports psychology, motor behavior, biomechanics, and athletic training and sports medicine. In this career a person enjoys working out, love playing sports, and wants to maintain a healthy body. There are numerous of job titles that fall under this career. The most common job positions under an exercise and sports science career are physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical education teachers, medical physicians, and sports nutritionists. Although there are many different job titles to choose from, this career has a lot of competition. The job titles within this career has its differences and similarities.
A physical therapist and an occupational therapist are two job titles that people feel are the same exact profession. Physical therapists focus more on evaluating and diagnosing movement dysfunctions, whereas occupational therapists focus on evaluating and improving a person’s functional abilities. However, they both involve educating people on how to prevent and avoid injuries…

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