Physical Therapy And Occupational Therapy Essay

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Physical therapy and occupational therapy are both hands on types of therapies. Occupational therapists(OT) and physical therapists(PT) both do vital hands on rehabilitative work to help patients with injuries or disabilities. The patient’s condition essentially limits how they’re able to move and function in daily life.
PTs work primarily with people recovering from injuries. The goal is to get patients back in motion with exercises, massage and other techniques. Physical therapy focuses on preventing injuries, and it can help people avoid surgery or a long-term reliance on medications (DeAngelis, 2015). Therapy usually happens in a PT’s office. In some cases, a physical therapist works inside of a hospital or in a private practice. Having a physical therapist on duty in a hospital is not only beneficial for the therapist but the patient as well. The therapist can assist rehabilitating the patient while the patient is still under the supervision of their doctor.
OTs help their patients perform day-to-day tasks, whether they’re recovering from injuries or have developmental disabilities affecting their motor skills, emotions or behavior. Some occupational therapy might happen in a hospital or OT’s office, but a key component occurs in a patient’s home or work environment. (DeAngelis, 2015). Occupational therapist essentially travel to the patient’s home. They help patients with daily living skills and self-care tasks such as getting dressed. The goal of this therapist is to…

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