Essay on Phones Can Change People 's Lives

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PHONES CAN CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES The video that got me was Phone life. The two main people in this video were Mathew and Tess. Mathew is a UX designer who has not gotten phone. Then we have Tess, a teenage girl that grew up with a phone. Mathew is one of the few people that live in San Francisco that does not have a phone. He has seen his own friends when they come to his house for dinner, but he could see they were in their phones. If his friends wanted to communicate with him, they knew they had to come to his house. Mathew thinks that the most important values should be a place where to live, someone that loves you, and food to survive. He says that “you don’t need phone neither a car” because people look around themselves for new things. Tess is fifteen years old and she also lives in San Francisco. She got her first phone on Christmas in sixth grade. She had a lot of pressure because having a cell phone made her become more cautious on what information she exposed on the internet. Having her first phone got her addicted; she could be talking to someone in person, and then she would be on the phone looking through Instagram. She fears that by not having a phone, it could cause her to miss out on many things. She learned to disciple herself around her phone; she realized that life goes by fast and there are other activities she would rather do besides being on her phone. Mathew and Tess both agree that people should spend less time on their phones and surround…

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