Philosophy Can Be Seen Like A Religion Essay

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Philosophy can be seen like a religion. There are many beliefs and theories that people hold true. However, there is no specific evidence that one theory is more likely than the others. When it comes to the dilemma of responsibility, it is up to the individual thinker to decide what they hold righteous. By incorporating ideas from hard determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism it can be established that all of these are applicable in certain situations. However, I believe we must hold eachother accountable and be responsible for ourselves but at the same time be aware of extraneous forces and the possible randomness of the universe that makes responsibility somewhat impossible. The first response is known as hard determinism, or as Paul Holbach refers to it “the illusion of free will”. Hard determinism is the idea that everything in life occurs because of universal causation. Hard determinism can be compared to a Rube Goldberg machine. A Rube Goldberg machine is an engineered series of events that completes a simple task. For example, a ball will be dropped causing a string to be pulled causing dominos to fall over which then turns on a light. Holbach writes that he or she acts “in consequence, he acts necessarily, his action is the result of the impulse he receives”. Hard Determinism believes that there are so many external causes for our actions that we think we have free will, but in reality it is the opposite. Hard determinism further believes that our choices are…

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