Essay Philosophy And The Search For Wisdom

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Throughout the history of philosophy and the search for wisdom in life there are moments where reasoning leads the self to a path that one cannot fully give oneself to. Here is, in a sense, the crux of an internal existential conflict. In these times people typically would choose between two equally difficult decisions, either to side with pure reason and have that solely guide oneself through life, even if it means that one no longer believes that anything else in existence truly exists without doubt or even that one is completely alone. Or, one can choose to suspend or ignore one’s reasoning in favor of accepting one’s place as a person among persons with free will and reality both out of mind. While it seems as if these are simply the two extremes of a decisions, it is more of two sides of a coin, as there really cannot be any half measures. With one exception, standing the coin on its side; or, philosophically speaking, taking stances based on one’s perspective. With this idea one can look at each side of the coin independently, yet both sides are equally revealed. As such, interpretations of David Hume lead one to see both sides of understanding, that on one side reason leads one to skepticism and the denouncement of any concept of reality outside of one’s own mind; and, on the other side, that one’s metaphysical philosophy does not necessarily have a place in day to day life where one relies on these other unknowable entities for continued existence. David Hume is…

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