Dietary Model: Veganism

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Dietary Model 1: Vegan
A) 250 words Philosophy & approach Veganism is a humane lifestyle and philosophy in which individuals choose to remove all goods and products that have unfairly used and hurt animals in anyway, including testing products on them. The diet removes produce such as meat and dairy and replaces it with a diet rich in plants. Vegans goals are to teach people, and make them aware of the harsh and cruel use of animals all over the world. They stand as the voice for the unspoken, upholding the animal rights, believing animals weren’t created for humans to be fed and clothed. They aim to be compassionate for all living things. Vegan society quotes, “Roughly 60 billion land animals and over a trillion (!) marine animals are used
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Humans accumulate an abundance amount of this vitamin which is reserved until needed, therefore can take a period of time before utilizing it all and then discovering this deficiency. The causatum of this absence can cause immense damage to the nervous system and cause anaemia, heart disease, dementia and difficulty in pregnancy’s. Unclean, dirty, third world countries have a higher level of vitamin B12 in sources as opposed to clean environments, thus, vegans in unsanitary areas may not have this deficiency. (NCNZ, 2017) (Norris, …show more content…
Simply, be minimizing the amount of carbohydrates present in a diet (to 5-10%) there is a flow on effect to both insulin and blood sugar levels being reduced. Contributing positively to improving diabetes. One study in two thousand and twelve was created for a period of twenty-four weeks long, it consisted of three hundred and sixty-three morbidly large individuals, of which one hundred and two suffered from diabetes type two. The objective was to see which diet benefited these humans the most, allowing them the freedom to select their preferred option, either, the ketogenic diet or a low carbohydrate diet. Results concluded the ketogenic enhanced glycaemic regulation. (Ministry of Health, Kuwait, 2012) helping diabetics. Secondly a randomized study was undertook in two thousand and fourteen comparing a low carbohydrate diet with a moderate carbohydrate diet all participants having type two diabetes, A1C Haemoglobin levels decreased dramatically in three months, signifying the positivity out of the ketogenic diet. The results are so great diabetics need to monitor their insulin medication closely. (Gordon, 2014) (, 2017) (Song, Y,

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