Philosophical Issues On Ethics And Morality Essay

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I had been very excited to take Introduction to Philosophy and to my pleasant surprise I have been able to walk out of the course much more enlightened than I had entered it. When one begins to explore the areas of what it takes to create a meaningful life it forces you to dig deep within yourself to critically think through these issues. There have been three specific philosophical issues that I have gained a deeper insight to, the nature of the self, freedom of choice and issues on ethics and morality. If I am anything like most people, I bet we will concise that we are not exactly sure what it is that makes us who we are. I found it entertaining going through many of these great thinkers like, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, Sigmund Freud and gaining insight into what they thought made the self. Many of these thinkers had brilliant contributions into many areas of science, psychology as well as philosophy. Plato’s statement about our souls having physical appetites and passion really made me acknowledge that much of who I am is driven by these “passions”. Plato also mentions these nagging “pins in our sides” to find “ultimate happiness”. I created this illusion that this was a destination, but upon much reflection I realized that it was not a destination at all. I also have been able to realize through the help of Mr. Kant, that we are able to create a sense of self through reason as well as intelligible, unified experiences. I cannot tell you that I know one hundred percent…

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