Phil Fisher Essay

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Philip Fisher
Philip Fisher was born in 1906 and died at the age of 96 in 2004. Fisher’s career in business first began in 1928 when he took a job as a securities analyst with a bank in San Francisco. He then switched to a stock exchange firm before opening up his own money management business in 1931 “Fisher & Company”. Mr. Fisher was a very private man, possessed no airs about himself, gave few interviews, and was not well-known to the public until his first book publication in 1958 (Greatest).
Today, Philip Fisher is known as one of the most influential investors of all time. He is known as one of the pioneers of the modern investment theory. Fisher’s thoughts have been widely accepted over time, and have been followed by top
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Fisher believed in holding onto stocks amid price fluctuations, and the only reasons for selling the stock would include deteriorating management, image, or demand (Glassman).
Last are some of Fisher’s continuing philosophies. One of these things he is known for is his scuttlebutt method. With the scuttlebutt method, Fisher would find out all of the information possible about a company by collecting all possible market information, except talking to the company itself. He would read newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and visit similar companies in the market. In his time researching, Fisher had a 15 point criteria list to find the companies he would invest in, and also a 10 point list of qualities to stay away of. Some characteristics he looked for included: integrity, openness to change, excellent financial controls, high profit margins, high return on capital, and commitment to research. He strayed from promotional companies, following the crowd, and over-stressing diversification (Schifrin).
To conclude, I would encourage all of the readers of this article to check out Fisher’s famous book “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits”. Through this book, the reader can find Fisher’s keys to success and can hopefully bolster one’s own investing success.
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