Essay about Phase 3 Part 2 For Me Went Well

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Phase 3 part 2 for me went well. That day I was sick, and I thought I was going to do horrible. April and I got there like 20 minutes earlier. We went to get a table and set up our games next to each other. A table was not enough because there was not enough space for both games. We should have putted two tables instead of one. Also, I had a display about adaptation, but it was too small, and visitors were not able to see it. At first, there were not many visitors at the museum, but after half an hour or less it got a little bit crowded. The first ones that play our games were some GEPs. They made me feel more comfortable and relax. We had lots of kids playing both games (April’s and mine). Most of my guests were young children with their parents, and the parents interacted with the child more than with me. Parents were guiding the child how to play the game. Few older children played my game, and would ask them questions such why do think the camel has two humps, or why the arctic fox is white. Matching the animals to their habitat worked out really well. Kids were excited because they had some prior knowledge about it. I do not remember how many visitors I interact with, but most of them were little kids, and just very few adults. I had this little girl talking to me about how much she loves penguin and how much she knows about them. Level two did not worked out very well, because most of the kids that play my game were little kids. One of the parents tried to play…

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