Peter Fritzsche 's Book Germans Into Nazis Essay

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The startling question you have to ask yourself from reading Peter Fritzsche’s book Germans into Nazis, is what made the ordinary man in the crowd into the “Führer of the Third Reich”. In one of the most famous pictures in the European history you will see a young Adolf Hitler standing in the enormous crowd of people in the “August Days” celebration in Germany 1914. In this celebration you will see the everyday German anxiously waiting to hear the Kaiser speak. This is happened to take place a month after the outbreak of World War 1 in Europe. Fritzsche determines that this is the start of the Nazi Revolution in Germany. As Germany is sprung into the heart of the war, it also thrown into a “Great Depression”. The Depression and the Inconvincible War was the spark to the tiresome everyday German. With this happening we see the beginning of the appeal of Hitler’s movement which lies more with the hope and optimism of a new regenerated Germany. In Fritzsche he carefully, but strategically places four paragraphs of different crowds from rallies, parades and riots in Germany. These pictures take place in the years: 1914, 1918, and 1933. Each of the pictures serve a purpose by showing the reading of how different Germany has changed throughout the years of hard times and triumphs. As we see in the first picture of a bustling crowd in front of Schloss waiting for the Kaiser to speak to them in July of 1914. The second picture also shows the growing distress within the German…

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