Peter Elbow How To Easily Boost Your Writing Skills Analysis

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Rebecca Kinnerman
Professor William Wend
English 101-309
28 September 2014
How to easily boost your Writing Skills: Peter Elbow wrote many books about writing, including Free Writing. He talks about how editing during writing has an effect on the final product of a paper because of this he suggests free writing as the solution. He discusses ways to break the habit of editing during producing a paper. His essay about editing really was able to get me thinking. I thought about my previous and my current writing experience I have had so far. I also thought about how his method of improving your skills can benefit me. I was able to use his advice while writing this paper. Peter Elbow wrote many books about writing, including this one. He really
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Peter Elbow explains how this does not have to make sense and it can have errors, but in those 15-20 minutes to never stop to think about what to write next or if it is good enough. These writings have no feedback and no comments. Peter Elbow makes it clear that, “ The main thing is that free writing must never be evaluated in any way, in fact there must be no discussion or comment at all” (Elbow 106). Peter Elbows main focus for these exercises are to just sit down and write with out any interruptions. Even if you are only able to free write for five minutes somedays, any amount of time put into free writing exercises will help. You will see improvements. Another idea Peter Elbow stresses is that, “The main thing about free writing is that it is non editing” (Elbow 107) . If you are thinking about spelling mistakes and grammar at the same time you are writing, most likely you will lose your train of though. Just let the words go down on the paper and do not take a second to think if it is right or wrong. No one is going to judge it. When you stop and try to figure out how to spell a word it makes you totally lose what you were just thinking, it is also quite frustrating. He gives the example between writing and speaking. When you are speaking it just …show more content…
I believe that I will write better papers because of reading his essay. I will not be stoping to change things during the time I am writing. I will be approaching writing assignments differently than the way I used to. I can see how his advice and tips can really help someone become a better writer. His essay really was able to get me thinking about my writing experiences. I have taken his advice and have tried the free writing actives. Hopefully it will really improve my skills. So far, it really

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