Pet Peeves Essay

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Running heading: Organizational Change Process Presentation

Cornelius Bowman

LDR 531

Dr. C


This paper focuses on the various strategies of organization change based on the leaders’ pet peeves. It has researched articles from various authors. One of such author is Kowaski, Robin M. in his book, “Complaining, Teasing and other Annoying Behaviors”. The paper has gone further to provide the recommendations on how these organizations changes are carried out. The paper has reviewed the case scenario of a C.E.O who wants to bring about change, but is concerned by the large size of the employees and a company’s long history without change. In the first section of the discussion, the paper highlights data observed
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It is paramount in that individuals do not concentrate on their own gain, but their interest is in the well being of the organization as a whole. This team work spirit enhances communication among all levels of the organization since there are no personal interests hindering workers interaction. An organization can create this spirit by developing commonality among the workers. Also, the organization can encourage the workers to put aside their personal differences during work, holding seminars on how to create team work can also be a stepping stone.

When it comes to the movement of data, from the worker to the manager all the way up, there is an increase in the rate of the movement of information. Despite the importance good communication holds, it is not put into consideration. Many books have been written about improving communication but most organization seems not to consider the desired effort (Poole, 2000). Communication being the backbone of information exchange is of outmost importance in any business organization (Kuriger, 2004). The companies try to improve their lateral communication by making the departments know that their communication skills play an important role in the productivity of the organization as a whole. This will in turn make the worker improve on their clarity and the way they share information with each other. On the other hand, top and down communication is mostly influenced by the top management. This is

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