Pestle Analysis of Canon Company Essay

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Activity – buying and selling of goods and services
Two types of factor are involve they are buyers and sellers
The profit is anticipated
Standard of living
The amount of goods or services purchased by an individual
Quantity of life: - General well being of a society in terms of freedom, clean environment, health care safety free time that leads to satisfaction.
Profit organization
Non – profit organization
Non – profit organization- organization whose goods do not include making profit for each owner. These organizations do not strive for making profit in case if these organizations profit again is invested welfare of the society.
Profit: - π = TR-TC (total revenue- total cost)
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Mixed economies: - economic system in which some allocations of resources is made be the market and some by the government.
The foundation of capitalism
Individual living in capitalists system have four basic rights * The right to private property. * The right to own a business and to keep all of that business profit after tax. * The right to freedom of competition. * The right to freedom of choice.
How free market works
It is one in which decisions about what to produce, how to produce and to whom to produce are determine by buyers and sellers. The price of the goods and services is determined by the market forces, the intersection between the demand and the supply curve. * The demand curve denotes the amount of goods and services and demand by the consumer. * The supply curve denotes the amount of goods and services that can be produce and supply by the supplier.
Equilibrium point
The interaction of quantity demanded and the supply is the equilibrium point.
Types of market 1. Perfect market 2. Monopoly market 3. Monopolistic market 4. Oligopoly market
Perfect market: - it is a market structure where there are large numbers of sellers and buyers in the market and each of the buyers and sellers do not possess the capacity to influence the market price. In this type of market, market price is determined by the interaction between demand and the supply.
Monopoly market: - it is a market structure in which

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