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Japan is one of the fastest and largest imports and exports economy in the world. Most of their exports are mainly cars, computers, and electronic device. Japanese electronic products are renowned for their innovation and quality. Japan’s industrial production growth rate was the highest among the G20 nations. US statistics (2012) mention that Japan achieving one of the highest economic growth rates in the world from 1960s to 1980s, it slowed down tremendously in the early 1990s, when the economy collapsed by the stock markets and real estate prices. Japan real GDP grew an avenge of 4% per year. After a few years, the Japanese economy began to slow down in line with the global economic conditions, and it
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Shinoto festivals often symbolize hope for abundant rice production or spiritual health of the community. The festivals are often done inside a Shinto Shrine, or display some form or image of a Shrine, and it could stretch for over several days. Shinto stands for "the way of the gods". Shinto is the indigenous conviction of the Japanese people back in ancient era. It is Japan's most famous religion after Buddhism. Though the religion of Shinto is intensely deep-rooted with other local religious traditions, this religion does not integrate any sacred writings. Shinto shrines are the places of worship and the abodes of the 'kami' (Shinto Gods). These festivities have very similar, features: energy, noise, food, and exultation. With all of these features, it celebrates an abundant of joyfulness among the members of the local community. Bon Festivals is one of Japan’s most important and well-known Japanese traditional festivals, this is an event that people believe that their ancestor’s spirit come back to their homes to be reunited. It is also a gathering time, and many people return to their hometowns to celebrate this occasion. Shizuko Mishima (2010) describe that on the first day of Obon, chochin lanterns are lit inide the houses, and the family members go to their ancestor’s grave to call their spirits back home. This action is call “Mukaebon”. On the last day, they painted their family crest on the hanging chochin lanterns to guide the spirits back. It

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