Essay about Pest Analysis of Polish Construction Market

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PEST Analysis
PEST analysis of polish market with a particular focus on the polish construction industry has been conducted in order to investigate the important factors that are influencing the industry in this country and having an impact on the companies operating or planning to operate in Poland in the construction sector. This analysis has been conducted in order to help assess how attractive the construction industry in Poland is and what factors can help it to develop or stop the development of it.

Political Factors!
Political situation in Poland is very stable . The process of EU accession provides a guarantee that Poland remains a established democracy, with a market-based economy and
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Threats The PO's aim to restructure the government's medium-term financial position by implementing expenditure cuts is likely to come into conflict with its own plans to reduce the tax burden. This will pose a risk to substantial fiscal reform over the medium term.

Country Risk
High levels of policy continuity, a well structure economy and limited evidence of corruption are all strong points for Poland’s country risk score, however, the legal framework needs some attention, giving it only a middling score overall for this indicator. With elections due in 2010, there is heightened short term political risk, although this should not be overstated, with things expected to go smoothly and little substantial alterations to regulations expected.

Economic Factors – General Overview
Poland’s economic performance in 2009 was strong, even though there was a heavy global downturn. Poland managed to achieve the best financial results in the whole EU community, hitting a GDP growth of 1.7% while most of the countries were burned deep into the recession. This can be the best indicator to prove that the economy of Poland is in a very good shape and that the country went a long way since 1989.
There are some strong indications that this economic growth will be sustained or even the economy can bloom more in the nearest future, when the global downturn and recession will be over. The strong economic position that Poland managed to achieve that resisted recent

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