Peru and Capital Development Essay

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Peru and Capital Development

During the 2006 election of Alan Garcia Perez, promised to improve the social condition and commanded a balance of the economic spending with an increase of social spending. With a macroeconomic performance that had increased the GDP growth and help to lower the poverty levels. Even though the economic crisis produced a strain on the financial burden of Peru at the time, the prices have begun to drop and Peruvians are proactively recovering their loses. The land is still being dominated by the elites and the higher class of mezitos. These governed entities remain in control of the structures and industries within the country.

Peru and Capital
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The dominant industries in Peru, include mining and refining of materials; steel, metal fabrications, petroleum extraction and refining; natural gas, fishing, and fish processing, textiles, clothing and food processing. The governed entities remain in control of the industries, exports and social well-being of the country. With an Industrial production growth rate that ranges from “5.2 % in 2004 to 4.6% in 2008” (Geography). Most of which are labored by the lower-ranking social statuses such as Indians, blacks and the mestizos.
Since the 1980’s, Peru has maintained an effort to establish a nontraditional means of export, while generating and manufacturing certain goods instead of importing them into the region. Peru maintains support of exports to the United States of “29.5%” (Geography), within these goods are cooper, gold, zinc, crude petroleum, petroleum products and of course coffee with an astonishing balance of 12.3 billion dollars in 2004.
The capita for Republic of Peru was estimated to be around 8 thousand dollars in 2008 with the estimated Labor forces income in Peru was around 10.2 million in 2008. For Peru the Gross Domestic Product was estimated of “200 to 240 billion dollars from 2006-2008” according to the CIA-World Factbook. Republic of Peru is a hierarch growing country, economically, however, is presently known as a government of communist or governmental run country.

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