Essay about Persuasive Speech - Original Writing

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I don’t budge from the couch until a screeching phone wakes me up at noon the next day. Groaning, I cover my ear with a cushion, but two rings later I remember I should answer the call. It could be about a job interview.

The answering machine atop the Craftsman tool chest plays its message when I finally pull myself upright. Cursing, I sink back against the couch and wait for the beeps.

“Okay, Mila told me I shouldn’t have done that yesterday,” says Billy’s voice. My ears perk up. Milena, of all people, stood up for Eva?

“I guess she’s right,” he continues. “It’s your life and all, but I still don’t think Mike’s any good for you.”

No wonder Eva stormed in like that last night. I’m tempted to pick up the phone and tell Billy that at least Mike has better taste in women than he does. Unfortunately, Mike hitting on both me and Eva within a twenty-four hour period may prove me right, but it doesn’t prove Billy wrong.

Still, this is the most pathetic attempt at an apology I’ve ever heard. Eva doesn’t need that. I lean over and raise my hand to the machine, but as my fingers hover over the buttons, my muscles seize up. Drawing my hand back, I wave it around, wiggling my fingers and balling them up into fists. They move freely, with no signs of a cramp or poor circulation.

I stare at the tool chest. An answering machine can’t send out a shock to paralyze my hand, so what was it? Was it just my conscience?

Either way, I need a shower. Apparently my body has taken to doing…

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