Essay on Persuasive Speech - Original Writing

1572 Words May 5th, 2016 7 Pages
As the tail lights of those cop cars fade away, I knew I was completely and utterly alone. Wait a minute, I’m getting ahead of myself. It was friday, June 10th. I just got done hunting and I carefully placed my rifle in my vehicle. I went to meet up with my friends to head to a bonfire. We jumped in the car and kicked the dust up. By the time we arrived to the bonfire, the night sky looked as if a fire just went out with black soot and little embers twinkling. I wasn’t expecting a bunch of drinking and smoking at this bonfire. I chose not to participate in that part of the party cause I needed to drive home later. Then all of a sudden the cops show up and flashed their lights. Everyone who was there ran away scared and looked back. I was the only one who was still close to the bonfire, but I was smart enough to go find a hiding spot. I found a small hole and decided to hide there till the cops were gone. The hole was big enough to get out with ease and was covered by a large oak tree. I watched the cops put out the huge flames while some looked in every vehicle to search to see if there was anybody hiding. As I peaked up an inch to see they found a man hiding in his car. They dragged him out of the woods and placed him in the cop car to take him to jail. I thought to myself, “They cannot find me, i need to make it out.” Finally after an hour of pure terror the cops got in their cars and left. After they left I came out, tried to start my car to leave, but…

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