Persuasive Speech On Suicide

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Each year about 34,000 people decide to commit suicide, that means about one death per 15 minutes. Suicide is the act or instance of taking one 's life voluntarily or intentionally. Clinical depression is when someone is feeling of despondency and dejection; some studies show that depression could be caused of a chemical imbalance. According to the World Health Organization by the year 2030 depression will overthrow cancer, strokes, war and accidents as the world 's cause of disability and deaths. Some people believe that there should be mental health screenings in the school environment because it can help catch the symptoms early and get the students the appropriate treatment before it is too late. Many children and teens are now turning to suicide because of peer pressure, sexual preference, social media, financial instability, …show more content…
Suicide among males is 4 times higher than females. 79 percent of suicides are male. Although the amount of males committing suicide, females are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. Also females are 3 times more likely to try to take their own life. The most causes of female suicide related deaths is by poisoning.. Females also experience depression at 2 times the rate of men because of social media, financial stability or because of their sexual preference. Depression is one’s feeling of severe despondency and dejection. Depression affects 20-25% of Americans in 1 year. Only half of the people in America who experience major depression seek help from a professional. It can have physical or emotional damage on a person and depending on the severity of the health issue treatment may need prescribed antidepressant drugs or physical therapy. Statistics show that between 10 and 15 percent of people at a point of their life will exhibit symptoms of

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