Persuasive Speech On Self Driving Cars

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Informative Topic Pitches:

Topic 1: Google Self-Driving Car

Genre: Technology
Google's self-driving cars are traveling more naturally than they ever have before. Decked out with GPS, sensors, cameras, radar, and lasers, Alphabet’s (Alphabet is the new parent company of Google) cars are capable of gathering tons of data about their environment from a 360-degree perspective so that they can seamlessly operate in a constantly changing environment.

Thesis: Today we will examine Google’s self-driving car to better understand its impact it has in the future automotive industry.


Topic 2: Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America

Genre: Event
ESFNA is once again ready to celebrate the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as promote positive environment within the Ethiopian community in North America. We remain committed to “Bringing Ethiopians Together” to network, support businesses, the community, empower the young by providing scholarships and mentoring programs; and ensure the continuity of our ideals in perpetuity.

Thesis: Today we will examine the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America to better understand how
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