Persuasive Speech On Orca Captivity

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For Entertainment Locked in a cell for the amusement of others, their freedom sacrificed for our recreation. This is what orca captivity truly is. Killer whales are taken from their homes to be placed in the equivalent to a bath tube. While many view this as harmless, we know that captivity of animals in zoos is wrong, so why do we stand for this?
Kidnapped Amusement Where do these creatures come from? They certainly didn't go out of self will to a small confinement and a life of mindless tricks. No, these innocent creatures are taken from their pods. According to Seaworld of Hurt more than 90 killer whales were taken from the sea in 1970. They were separated as infants from their mothers leaving all in tears and ear
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More than the public eye is permitted to see. For one thing the orcas are expected to complete all of the trainer's commands or they are starved. This often results in the anger of a killer whale, which has resulted in many incidents with trainers. Kary Pryor states “ I have since heard ...of at least one killer whale who has launched an unprovoked attack on a famous trainer…” This violent behavior is not nature of the orca, furthermore it is a result of the frustration of the the small confinement as well as of the exasperation of being denied food. One Green Planet states “It seems that the ‘killer whale’ tendency only emerges when they are kept in captivity, as there have been many recorded incidents involving aquarium whales lashing out at their trainers, several of which have been fatal” .However this abnormal violence is often directed towards one another. They are forced to live in small enclosures with orcas who aren't from their pods which then creates tension between one another thus resulting in violence. This is, however is unlikely to occur in the wild as they have long lasting bonds with those within their pods which typically last lifetimes. In the rare case that a fight between orcas would occur in the wild, they have room to leave, which is not an option for those in aquariums. They are left to fend for themselves against others sharing the same

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