Essay about Persuasive Speech : Night Driving

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It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. The May weather was perfect, with a slight refreshing breeze. Excitement was in the air as we all prepared for the 23 hour drive to Colorado. This was going to be the trip of a life time for our family. This much awaited trip had everyone on the edge of their seats. The Thomas family loaded their white Ford Expedition, said a prayer, and headed down the road. The whole family felt like little kids again. We might have looked like hillbillies going down the road but, they didn’t appear to care. With seven people in an eight passenger vehicle, there’s not much room for luggage. So with a newly purchased trailer hitch cargo holder the family was back in business. Luggage was stacked up to the back of the window with blue tarps and straps holding it all in place. It was going to be a twenty for hour trip, but with three drivers they were prepared to drive through the night. Night driving, a totally different animal when traveling across Kansas and Oklahoma. These two states are flat with no hills, no inclines, just field after field. It wasn’t until the arrival in western Oklahoma that they started to notice these red lights flashing in the sky. Hundreds of red lights filled the sky, like fireflies on a warm summer night. It gave them a distraction, for a little while as they began to figure out the red lights belonged to wind mills. Where there is wind mills there is also wind, lots of wind! Had a wind sail been attached…

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