Persuasive Speech: Adopting A Pet

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“Adopting a Pet”
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to adopt a pet for a mutual benefit.
Central idea: Adopting a pet can be beneficial for both the animal and the owner which can improve the quality of life for both parties.
I. Have you ever had the desire to save a life but had no clue as how to do so?
A. Do you need a karma cleanser?
B. Are you in need of some lovable company?
II. Adopting a pet can be the simple solution to all these questions.
III. Adopting a pet can be very beneficial not only for the animal’s well-being, bur for yours as well.
A. Owning a pet improves general health such as stress relief and lowering of blood pressure.
B. Owning a pet can even lower chances of having a heart attack or heart
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There are several ways we can help animals in need.
A. The major way to help animals in shelters is by adopting them.
1. Adopting will start out with you deciding what type animal of you want.
a. Adopt a will make it super easy for you to pin point what animal you want to get.
2. Once you’ve decided, you will have to fill out an application to that specific pet.
3. When the application is processed you will likely get a phone call from the shelter to schedule a time for you to go see your new pet.
a. This could take anywhere between a day to a week.
4. If everything checks out you and your pet will be able to start your new lives together.
B. You have the option of adopting from an animal shelter or a rescue shelter.
1. According to the ASPCA the major difference is that rescue animals are often given more attention than shelter animals.
2. This makes rescue animals more expensive because they are cared for by a vet before you adopt them.
3. Shelter pets may cost less but you may still need to take them to see a vet which could be
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Adopting a pet will improve the animal’s life and yours as well.
A. You will gain several health benefits from owing a pet.
1. According to Harvard Health Blog owning a pet can increase your lifespan up to ten years.
2. Pets can be cures to depression and loneliness.
3. Pets can bring families together and make people more social.
4. Cardiologists from Harvard medical school claim owning a dog increases overall cardiovascular health.
5. Even the simple act of watching a fish swim through a fishbowl can lower stress levels.
B. Of course, animals will benefit from you as well.
1. They will gain shelter, food and health care.
2. Most of all they will gain a best friend.
C. If more people adopted animals there would be fewer animals that get euthanized.
(Transition: In conclusion adopting a pet is a wise investment.)
I. All of you should definitely visit Adopt a for the easiest way to find the pet you would like to adopt.
II. I myself will continue to raise my pet that my family purchased from a shelter and encourage others to adopt a pet.
III. Saving one dog will not save the world but surely, for that one dog the world will change

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