Persuasive Essay On Teen Pregnancy

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One time; that’s all it can take to get pregnant. Having sex once can alter your life completely. Imagine this: you wake up, but not by your alarm. By a screaming, crying, and awful smelling baby. You change it and feed it, then get yourself dressed for school. You go to school and come home with a pile of homework because you’re falling behind. You do what homework you can, take care of your baby, then go to work until 11 at night. You have to provide for this child, right? Your parents won’t take care of everything. This is a day in the life of a teen parent. This has to stop so teenagers can live their lives as they were supposed to; not as a parent. In order to put a stop this issue, we have to look at the causes and effects of the problem, and how many people or just one person can solve it. Although teen pregnancy is at its lowest rate since data collection began, the United States has the highest teen birth rate in the industrialized world (“State Policies on Sex Education”). The highest rate in THE WORLD. That’s a huge problem. If we’re suppose to be a modern society, we have to change the way teens see sex. …show more content…
It’s happening all across the country. According to Brigid McKeon of Advocates for Youth, U.S. teens experience as many as 850,000 pregnancies a year. Along with that, McKeon states that youths under age 25 experience 9.1 million STIs (McKeon). In 2013, it was reported by the CDC that a total of 273,105 babies were born to mothers aged 15-19 (“About Teen Pregnancy”). The National Conference for State Legislatures says that one in four girls will become pregnant at least once before the age of twenty (“State Policies on Sex Education”). If you do the math, that’s four girls in this

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