Persuasive Essay On Stress Management

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In contemporary U.S.A, it can be challenging keeping up with our fast-paced society. Since we are a nation where we expect immediate results, and everything seems to have deadlines that are crucial to being met on time, especially in the work field; it’s no surprise when we are forced to stare stress right in the face at one point or another. For some of us, it’s as frequently as every day that stress arises and luckily for others, it’s not as often. However, whatever the case maybe, we will all undoubtingly go through stressful events in our lifetime; there’s no escaping this fact. How one chooses to cope with stress is solely up to them. Although, there is one thing that is for certain and that is high levels of stress has the potential …show more content…
I find it easy for me to write down what it is that’s bothering me and then wadding the paper up and throwing that problem that’s causing me grief away. It’s almost as if I’m throwing out what I like to call “stress garbage.” Another thing I like to do is listen to music, close my eyes, and take deep breaths to calm my soul and my body from the inside out. My ultimate goal when doing this is to rid myself of the cruddy energy force that I feel like I’m trapped in. Going for walks is also another great way for me to escape my racing mind and allow me to calm down and release unhealthy tension within my body. One may notice, of course, that all these are one hundred percent healthy and effective ways of managing stress. Nothing about what I just previously discussed is polluting one 's body in any way if anything they are expelling bad energy from the body. Not to mention that every one of my healthy stress management tips, in the end, relieves the physical and emotional agony that comes along with high levels of stress. It’s important to realize that stress is something we all face. If one isn’t cautious about managing their stress in a healthy, effective manner they may risk putting not only their emotional health in danger but their physical health as well. In fact, let me share a brief story about how extreme amounts of stress built up over time caused me to go into having a nervous breakdown. It was the year 2012 and I was in my junior year of high school. I at the time was going through a prolonged period of stress in dealing with keeping up with two honors classes, preparing for the ACT test, and all the while dealing with personal issues at home. One day I started not to feel well and I thought maybe I had gotten the flu or possibly a real bad cold. I went to the doctors and everything came back negative. I remember feeling crummy for a long while after that and I kept making doctors appointments only to

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