Persuasive Essay On Staying Home

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Growing up in a broken home with a single mother that work two jobs and have five kids is a burdensome. Being the oldest child I am forced to take care of my younger siblings as if they were mine. Sometimes I wish I was not born into this shenanigans that was created. As a child, I imagined myself having a plethora of friends and becoming a socialite, but reality hit me when my mother started having more children. The more children my mother conceived it seemed the more problems I had to endure in school. This lead to me having to stay home and obtaining my high school diploma at home. Staying home trying to pursue my diploma has become beneficial to my social life in many ways such as, not worrying about what’s the latest fashion, I am able …show more content…
This allows each child to be educated when their able to retain knowledge, whether if it is early morning, afternoon, or in the evening. At the same time the parents can create a weekly schedule that intersects with their daily life, as well allows the teacher to do things without the restriction of a traditional classroom schedule. For instance, in public education schooling most students who are ahead in classes have to wait to go over new material because some of their peers are still having trouble. This in fact, weakens the advanced pupil’s chances to learn and excel faster. Today most homeschooling is done online. Online resources for homeschooling include courses of study, curricula, educational games, online tests, online tutoring, and occupational training. One website used by children who do online schooling is Florida Virtual Schools. Florida Virtual School is an accredited, public, online e-learning school serving students in grades K-12 not only in Florida but all over the world. There is more than 1,400 FLVS staff members reside throughout Florida and beyond, but all have to have a valid Florida teaching certificate and are certified in the subjects they

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