Analysis: Beating The Odds

Beating the Odds If you say the name “Esparza,” many teachers at APA will most likely have an aneurysm. I don’t think it’s a hidden fact that teachers here aren’t too fond of that name. Honestly, I’m not either, and we’re family, and yet we are completely different, but how? My siblings are more similar to my family than I am, and I’ve always wondered how I turned out completely different than those who raised me.
Growing up was tough. I never really had a childhood; I just babysat my siblings all the time. I was under the age of twelve when I began watching all three of them, and maybe that’s the reason why I was much more mature when I was their age. My siblings are pretty reckless and are taking the same path that the majority of my family
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My grandma forced my mother to drop out as a junior in high school since she had become pregnant with me and would need to focus on being a parent. However, she did go back to get her diploma. My Uncle Garry has been the only person to go to college, and also the only to graduate. That’s college though; the number of people to graduate high school from my family is four, if you count my mom going back. Now, for my father’s side of the family, the first person to graduate high school was my cousin, and that was just last year. So that being said, I had no one to turn to for help when it came to my education, I mean I tried to, but everyone was clueless, thus the internet, Cool Math, became my best friend. When we look at my siblings, we see several F’s and unexcused absences, and they have someone at home who can help with homework, me. I’m not quite sure why I chose to succeed in my education because even as a kid, my friends were diverse, some were focused on school and others were focused on drama. Even my family was more focused on gossip, and especially my …show more content…
I eagerly told my grandpa all about Martin Luther King Jr., and that’s when I found out that my grandpa did not like anyone of a different skin color. The majority of my family is the same, they don’t approve of non-white Americans, I’m not sure why that changed for me, maybe it was because I was young and naïve at the time, but I remain distant from my family because of it, and because I just have a completely different

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