Argumentative Essay On Landfills

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One can, once filled with pop, is now empty. He has dreams just like you. Its dream is to get recycled into a car frame, and tour the United States. Except there is one problem, you are thinking about throwing it away, hold on, just wait a minute and think about what that may cause. Many Consumers do not think about where their trash goes after the garbage truck picks it up and takes it away. Consumers also do not care where the plastic came from that made that bottle, or where the aluminum came from that made that can. All consumers care about is buying the stuff they want from the store, with no thought as to how it got there. Consumers want, want, want, but do not think about the future. Without recycling eventually things will run out, …show more content…
An article from the Natural Resources Defense Council states that recycling can save habitats, water, and resources such as trees and metal ores. If America recycled more of its metals and other resources, it would save a lot of natural resources from having to be made. When natural resources have to be made, trees have to be cut down or forests have to be cleared so we can dig down to get the metal ore. The shear amount of metal and other items that we send to landfills is such a gigantic waste. When we send good metal to a landfill, its life is over. Metal can be recycled and made into new things more than anything. If it gets reused then there is less metal that we have to get from the ground, which in return saves our forests and animal habitats. American consumers also wastes a lot of resources on disposable packaging, like paper plates, cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, and many more. They would not be a bad thing if people would recycle them, but when most people are done with a paper plate, they just throw it away, or when they open there new item, they just throw out the box it came in. America is one of the most advanced countries in the world, yet we are one of the most wasteful. The main reason we are so wasteful is because we are a disposable society, meaning that when something breaks instead of trying to get it fixed we just go out and get a new one, and most people do not care what happens to their old one or how it gets disposed of, so they just throw it out instead of recycling what can

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