Persuasive Essay On Poultry Cow

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There are 60,000 dairy farms in the United States alone -- California being the number one producer. Every cow produces 360,000 glasses of milk in their lifetime to be consumed by the American population (Dairy Facts). Just like all mammals, the only time a cow will produce milk is if it has a calf. To get a cow pregnant, they will artificially inseminate them. To do this, they collect semen from the bulls and then put the cows in what the industry calls a “rape rack”; which is a wheel with restraining stalls for about 40 cows. Then a worker puts their arm into the rear end of the cow, shoulder deep. They will then put a long rod in the cow with the semen on the tip and release the semen. The cow will often try to sit to get the worker's arm out and cry during the process. From the second their calf is born it will be taken from its mother and determined if it is a male or female. The females will be raised to go through the same process as their mothers; while the males either have their throats slit or are sent away to be
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Again they will be shipped by the thousands in semis that do not protect them from the elements. They are crammed in until it is impossible for any more to fit; then they are shipped for days with no food, water, or place to lay down. Once they arrive at the slaughterhouse, they unload them using cattle prods which will administer a high electrical shock to the cattle. On the truck, there are usually a few cattle left behind that did not make it. They often die from the weather conditions, thirst, tiredness, get trampled by the other cattle, and many other dangers they face while shipping. These cattle will still be used for slaughter; if still alive while downed they will be drug out by their necks with tractors. Once in the slaughterhouse, they can spend days with no food or water waiting to be slaughtered (U.S. Beef

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