Benefits Of Free Range Farming

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Free Range Farming
Free Range Farming started as a way for consumers to have access to livestock that had more favourable living conditions for the animals. Free Range farms are advertised to allow the animals to run around a pen on a green hill in the countryside. Though when I began researching more into these Free Range farms I found that there are very loose legal definitions to qualify a farm as Free Range.

The term Free Range is not even legally defined by the Canadian government. In the US however, the US department of Agriculture (USDA) allows for meat to be labeled Free range if the animals had access to the outdoors at least once a day. The animal did not even have to go outside, but as long as it had access to the outdoors it can be labeled as Free range. Farms also can have outdoor access to pretty much anywhere. The animals could have access to a pasture or a parking lot. The “outdoor access” could be as little as a 5 foot by 5 foot enclosure attached to the location the animals are kept. This means that less than 5% of the animal population could have access outside, but still can be sold as Free Range.

I dislike this as it really fools the public as they think they are supporting a more loving and caring environment that raises
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This method involves raising animals with their welfare in mind. The farms are usually family run generation through generation. This is important because the farmers are more focused with delivering a quality product, rather than selling huge quantities. The meat collected from Traditional farms has been tested and proven to carry less hormones and less super viruses. The downside to traditional farming is that the farmers do not make the same profit that the other types of farmers make. This is partially because there is significantly less food produced, as well as it takes longer to naturally raise the

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