Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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When you ask a fellow American what their concern they have for this country they would probably respond, Trump becoming our president. Others will say the rights police officers have. The minorities will question if they can be safe to drive wherever they want, and not be racially profiled because of their race. Police brutality is a controversy many people argue, whether they agree or disagree with the police officer’s actions. Police officers are seen as murders and feared by society due to their actions. Contrary to officers being allowed to use excessive force, officers need to know their limits, and protect the community. Many question if many officers who have used excessive force have racially profiled the victims. When did officers …show more content…
For people of color in cities large and small across this nation, north and south, east and west, Jim Crow "justice" is alive and well. Today skin color makes you a suspect in America. It makes you more likely to be stopped, more likely to be searched, and more likely to be arrested and imprisoned. There is nothing new about this problem. Police abuse against people of color is a legacy of African American enslavement, repression, and legal inequality. Hopefully, by analyzing the causes, the effects, and the possible solutions of this problem we can attempt to deter future police from using this dangerous tactic of apprehension. Tens of thousands of innocent motorists on highways across the country are victims of racial profiling, and these discriminatory police stops have reached epidemic proportions in recent years. No person of color safe from this treatment anywhere, regardless of their obedience to the law, their age, the type of car they drive, or their station in life. In short, skin color has become evidence of the propensity to commit crime, and police use this "evidence" against minority drivers on the road all the time. It is essential that an end to the practice of racial profiling be reached and by analyzing the causes, its effects, and its solutions, we will become better at targeting the problem and prevent it from occurring in the

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