Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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The minimum wage among working Americans is being argued about and pushed more than ever for an increase. The set wage has not been changed in 5 years to compensate for the inflation increase and the general price of living. The wage among minimum wage workers is becoming a problem because those who require more are the ones who deserve it. Several categories consist of the wage group: college students, single parents, and simply uncertified personnel. The minimum wage is being fought to reach $10-$15 dollars an hour; however, the wage cannot be met unless the price of certain items increases also. The minimum wage needs to be increased to an extent without breaking the pockets of those working above the wage with certifications and degree. …show more content…
Women themselves also show to make up the higher percentage among tipped workers. The $2.31 an hour given to tipped workers is slowly moving them into the poverty level. The government requires all employers to pay their employees whether or not they are tipped (Nayak). Wages are so critical because of the small wage, majority of tipped workers rely on their tips. Copper and Reich have also both said that studies done with the tipped wage jas saved employers on operational costs. Employers are however, required to make up the difference if the hourly rate for the tipped worker does not reach $7.25 within the hour. The rule was established to keep the workers secure to establish some kind of income-sea floor …show more content…
Single parents that work a minimum wage job earn at least $14,000 a year which is falling way less than the poverty level. It was also stated that the increase give that person at least $2,000 dollars more a year which is substantially a large amount of money. It would only be seen if the income level was somewhere between 15 and 16 thousand (Gonchar). A couple thousand dollars extra could change the lives of several individuals. One would not have to think twice about which bill to pay this month or not. The lifestyle with bills and worries would be minimized.
The burden within the workers would also cause and increase; as a result, reduce the poverty level within families. The wage itself was established during The Great Depression (Wihbey). Minimum wage was used to try and pull families out of the poverty level during the time of crisis. Sale and profit margins also show a decrease upon increase. The extra money has to come from somewhere. The funds for the higher wages comes from corporate profits. Employers dislike taking away from profit; in the end, workers are earning a higher wage without breaking ground too

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