Walmart Raising The Minimum Wage

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The minimum wage among working Americans is being argued about and pushed more than ever for an increase. The set wage has not been changed in 5 years to compensate for the inflation increase and the general price of living. The wage among minimum wage workers is becoming a problem because those who require more are the ones who deserve it. Several categories consist of the wage group: college students, single parents, and simply uncertified personnel. The minimum wage is being fought to reach $10-$15 dollars an hour; however, the wage cannot be met unless the price of certain items increases also. The minimum wage needs to be increased to an extent without breaking the pockets of those working above the wage with certifications and degree. …show more content…
Walker of Wisconsin was actually against raising the minimum wage above $7.25. The reasoning behind his choice was because a group claimed that there were violations towards the state offering a living wage (Egan). The forced claims showed administration exactly what kind of people those were and got instantly shot down. Administration saw that a few more cent wasn’t going to help those earning the least legal amount. One specific employer has decided to raise their minimum wage after April of 2015. Walmart decided last minute to increase the wage to $9 an hour (Wood). Walmart workers in their eyes have worked hard and in many eyes deserve the company minimum wage. The company believed that they should give back to their employee for the hard work. However, Lisa Pietro will not get to benefit from the increase that highly because her existing salary is $8.95 an hour and will only increase 5 cents. Pietro is also restricted to 34 hours a week due to the business practice at Walmart (Wood). Similarly, Rita Diaz works two minimum wage jobs to make up for the restriction on hours given in one work week …show more content…
The wage should benefit those earning it while keeping ground for the higher waged individuals. These workers should not be left behind receiving these wages because some of them are working for something better. Several people have needed some help financially. This way, workers are still earning their pay and not breaking even every pay check. Advancement should be a possibility with wages earned. Continuing to slide into debt and the poverty line does not make it worth it what so ever. Several Americans can benefit from minimum wage workers gaining an increase. It can be a possibility for economic regeneration. Negative outcomes are shown little to

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