Minimum Wage Essay

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A federal minimum wage was set for the first time in 1939 and equaled to twenty five cents per hour with the maximum workweek at 44 hours. It varied with time but currently the last change had even made in July 2009. Therefore the controversial question on rising federal minimum wage or not become a hot topic in a past few years. From the first sight it seems to be a good decision to rise the minimum wage in order to improve living standards, create more opportunities for jobs, and to promote interest in getting a job. On the other hand the rise of minimum wage may cause increasing in prices, layoffs and fewer haring, and reduction in the desire of career achievements. The debate on this question continue because it is deeper that it seems to be. Therefore, it reacquires secretion amount of researches and analysis to make a right decision and calculate all the effects it may cause. …show more content…
The most significant benefice is that a pay rise will meet the basic needs and living expenses of Americans. Also, it may lead to decrease in reliance on government sponsored financial-aid programs. Ed Markey, member of the United States Senate, supported legislation to raise the minimum wage for America’s workers and said, ”No person in America should work full-time, or multiple jobs, and not be able to make ends meet. Millions of people in our country have been trying to climb into the middle class, but no matter how hard they work, they are stuck in the same place”. The minimum wage needs to match reality and give the opportunity to afford basic needs goods and to climb out of poverty. The reduction of poverty will cause middle class to grow and it will provide more stable economy with better standard of

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