Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling In School

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Introduction Education has always been a vital part to a child’s future. It’s something that will help the children today so that they can be successful at their future jobs one day. Are we sure that our parents today are choosing the best option educationally for their children? There are many different options when choosing the type of schooling for the child. Parents can decide to put their children through private schooling, or even magnet schooling, which is apart of the public education system, but have a certain theme of expertise they focus on. The students are enrolled based upon their interest and ability in that certain theme of the school. Although there are many more options, the main choice parents are making today …show more content…
(Berlatsky, 2010) As soon as the Supreme Court said that school prayer was unconstitutional and would not be allowed in schools, a Christian movement came about to pull students out what they thought was increasingly secular and valueless school system. Homeschooling for students, throughout the 1970s, was illegal in forty-five states and only licensed school teachers were able teach them. Although by 1993 it was legal in all 50 states to be able to homeschool your children, and the parents were not required to have a teaching license. The two main reasons parents are choosing to homeschool their child is because of the lack of biblical worldview and the negative peer influences. Today in our world homeschooling is slowing growing in population all over the United States. Should homeschooling be growing like it is or should it be decreasing …show more content…
It is something that gives the student a structured routine to go by everyday. The students are learning the standards required for them to go on to the next grade level. They are getting a reaction from the multiple peers in their class, which causes the student to have to form an opinion for himself. In a public school setting the child will be getting accurate knowledge from an accredited teacher with a license. Also they are not only getting accurate knowledge, but also getting real life experience. Their mother is not going to be able to comfort their child all the time. These children are one day going to have to know how to stand up for themselves and not back down. The students will be getting that first hand experience that will help them figure out how to deal with the different situations that will be set before them. This is a skill set that will help them for the rest of their lives.
I believe children should be educated in a public school system because they have unlimited amounts of resources to use, are able to stand up for them selves and share their beliefs with other people. They are also getting a teacher that has been to college and can help the students understand the material taught. In public education the students are also getting that structured routine they need to stay on task and be focused. It is detrimental to the children when they aren’t being educated

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