How Successful Was The Lesson?

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1. In general, how successful was the lesson? Did the students learn what you intended for them to learn? How do you know?

I feel that the lesson went extremely well, the students paid attention and even used the new strategy that was taught in their daily work. My class loves to participate in Math and continues to build their strategy library daily. Student did learn from the lesson, they learned how to double their factors and half them and still come up with the same answer. Some students even used this strategy in their daily work activities that we checked in class together. Students continue to use their strategy of breaking the problem into smaller increments to help them solve the equation faster and easier.

2. If you have samples
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When the students arrive from their special class I meet them at the door and give them the instruction of "get your math materials and go sit on the carpet." Many of the students are used to this procedure and automatically do what is expected of them. The students are also expected to sit next to their math partners however, they always ask everyday about this procedure. Since they ask, I always say "sit next to your math partner, please." By letting the students sit next to a partner they are able to work on problems together and share their thought process. They can also assess another and teach each other concepts that they may not have known individually. The students really paid attention well during the lesson, I was very proud of …show more content…
Consider different aspects of your planning and execution of the lesson in light of the domains and components on the following pages. Determine evidence, if any, for each of the components, and what that evidence demonstrates about your level of performance.

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation - I planned prior to teaching this lesson. I made sure to read the lesson given to me over and over so that I understood each and every protion of it correctly. I know the level that my students are capable of reaching in math and knew that they would do well with this lesson. I also designed my lesson in a way that I knew would be beneficial to the students.

Domain 2: The Classroom Environment - I used classroom procedures that were specific to me and that I knew would work for my students. I also used the physical space of the classroom well by letting them work with their partners anywhere in the room, meeting at the carpet and using their original seats.

Domain 3: Instruction - I communicated with students well by using their names and relating the lesson to them. I questioned them and discussed the strategies that were going to be used in that days lesson. I also adjusted my lesson when technology would not work

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