Criminals Deserve To Get The Death Penalty

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Guilty! The one word that no criminal wants to hear. When it comes to being guilty of a heinous crime, capital punishment should come into effect. There are criminals that deserve to get the death penalty. Individuals that commit certain crimes such as rape and murder should be punished severely. Taking another human being’s life should result in that person being put to death. Capital punishment would give the victim’s family a sense of justice, make spending productive, and reduce heinous crimes. First, enforcing capital punishment would give the victim’s family a sense of justice. The family would feel a sense of peace, knowing that the person that killed their loved one is not being clothed, housed, and feed with their tax dollars. Capital punishment would not bring their loved ones back, but could give the family a small amount of retribution. Family, and friends would have a feeling of …show more content…
Realizing that committing a heinous crime would result in a guilty verdict, and punishment would be death, could hinder certain actions. An individual would be forced to consider the consequences of what their actions would bring upon them. Witnessing criminals of heinous crimes no longer be put in prison, where they are clothed, and feed, but put to death, would deter many from killing. Criminals, like everyone else, fear death and therefore would be discouraged from committing an atrocious crime. Reducing the amount of heinous crimes would intern make citizens more safe. There are some who are opposed to capital punishment. However, according to Jeff Jacob, author of Life and Death in New Jersey, “a widening sheaf of studies (some by scholars who personally oppose the death penalty) have found that each time a murderer is executed, between 3 and 18 additional homicides are deterred” (14). Confirming that capital punishment has a positive affect on decreasing reprehensible

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