Persuasive Essay On Being Selfless

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Many people say selflessness is the key to happiness, but does anyone know what it really is? Selflessness is heavily emphasised in many religions, movies, and literature. Many people aspire to be selfless because it is a trait idolized by so many people. No one ever truly describes what it means to be selfless. Selflessness is a hard to reach goal, a valued trait, and it can be defined many ways. Ultimately, it is something you have to decide what it is by yourself.
According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of selfless is having no concern for oneself. That doesn’t exactly describe a view of selflessness. First off, you could have no concern for yourself or anyone around you. Or maybe you only care about your pet fish. Also, that
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That seems like a high goal to aim for. There are many debates about whether someone can be selfless. Some people say there are no selfless acts because people only have their own interests in mind. Others say that there are people that are entirely selfless. No one, no matter how altruistic, is entirely concerned with everyone but themselves. It is even possible that you are trying to be selfless for a selfish reason like trying to fully engage your religion so you reach a better connection with your higher power, or people with high status may want to seem giving so they receive praise. There are many acts of selflessness that prove you are a selfless person. A man that throws himself on a grenade to save someone would not be defined as a selfish person. In this specific example of selflessness he would not have time to think about his actions and the benefits, especially because the likelihood of him dying is so high. He has nothing to gain for himself and no time to try to finagle something for himself. Many would consider this man very selfless just judging this one …show more content…
Everyone is selfish in some way. Selfish people are more concerned with themselves than others. Most people view it as a negative thing, which it can be, but everyone has to at least care about themselves and the basics. If no one cared about themselves it would be impossible to be selfless or selfish. Humans need the positive and the negative to have any balance. In the world there are extremely self-centered people. Instead of listing off many jerks who have done things and not thought twice about how rude or wrong they are, rather look at the bigger picture. If you observe the Dunning-Kruger cycle and the idea that people with low abilities have illusional superiority, while people with higher intelligences assume they are average due to the ease at which they perform tasks. This applies to the selfless-selfish spectrem. People who are naturally selfless will not ever think their actions; it comes easily to them and they do not feel they are making an impact while people who are more selfish by nature think they do something selfless. However, it is not that great but it makes them look like a better person. The most selfless acts are kind ones that are not for

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