Persuasive Essay On Banning Books

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“Laughable, isn’t it? That we once thought so little of people that we assumed they’d be permanently damaged if they read the wrong thing?” (James T. Kaene)
Both public and school libraries should not be allowed to ban books from the shelves.
Banning novels from the eyes of the youth simply because they include situations and events that every person will have some kind of experience with in their lifetime is hurting the person, not protecting them. The youth need to be prepared for real life situations, have a more realistic view of these situations and be prepared to react. It is also against the first amendment to ban literature off the shelves simply because someone labeled the novel “inappropriate”.
Book banning doesn't help the youth be prepared for real life problems and situations.
Stated in an article in the Dominion Post
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Young adults should not be forced to have their only sense of reality coming from over dramatic reality shows and movies that encourage violence and crime. Novels are only being banned for subjects and activities that every person will encounter at least once in their life. As stated in First amendment: An Overview “most frequently books are being challenged because they contain profanity or violence, sex or sex education, homosexuality, [and] witchcraft.” If this is the criteria for banning books why isn't shakespeare out of the school curriculum? “Shakespeare [has] racism, cross-dressing, incest, wife-beating, mutilation, glorified teen suicide and extreamly underaged sex.”(Dominion Post) Sheltering the youth from topics that are every where in the adult world is almost cruel. They are expected to have no knowledge of these sensitive topics but yet be expected to make the right decision when they face them. As the famous author Ted Dawe once said “Life is not complicated, it’s just a series of choices between right and wrong.” (Ted

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